When he moves to a new town, Binx the cat finds it hard to make friends. The other cats call him a jinx and say that black cats are cursed. But his new friend Gin proves that Binx is the luckiest cat around.


Wandering around the city with glee, he soon realised he’d lost his family. An unexpected adventure — oh, what a mess. Luckily, his senses were up to the test. Thankfully, he’d learned well and knew what to do. And now Binx the black cat wants you to know too!

Binx Lost in France is a story to help children understand stranger danger and what to do if they ever get lost.


Binx out and about

Below, I was NO. 1 in Foyles book stores, August Bank Holiday weekend, 2017. Right, during one of my school book tours, creating my activity ‘Cat Compliment Cups’ Bottom right, Binx on Baker Street, London. Advertised with Publicis, London 2017.

Michelle Hird is an author, illustrator and graphic designer. Although based in East London, Michelle was born and raised in Liverpool and that Scouse mentality of overcoming the odds is layered throughout Binx the Jinx. Michelle’s first children’s book, Binx the Jinx was written during her time at University and has been a passion project ever since.

Matthew James Publishing

Romford Recorder Newspaper 2019

With the coronavirus lockdown bringing everyone indoors, I wanted to help parents occupy their kids by getting through isolation sane.

Which gave me an idea, I wanted to create something more interactive and engaging for children.

The idea is to draw Binx at home, what is he doing; is he studying? Listening to a song or podcast? Playing football? You can base this on yourself and what you are doing during this time. Be as creative as possible; felt tip pens, crayons, glitter.*

You can download and print the PDF of your choice below.

Please only one design per child** to make it fair. Take a photo of the artwork, send designs to: where I will judge the designs over the weekend and announce results Sunday at 5PM.

First prize will win a signed A3 limited edition print of Binx, second prize; a signed copy of Binx the Jinx or Binx Lost in France book and three runners up will win hologram stickers of Binx. 

Deadline is Friday 3rd April at 6PM.

I hope this task keeps your kids distracted for at least … 30 minutes?
Feel free to share and send to friends.

* disclaimer, I the artist, Michelle Hird – take no responsibility for any spilt PVA glue on the carpet, felt tip marks on the sofa or any tantrums.
** competition for children 10 years and younger.


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