Charli-Howard Squish

Charli Howard

Charli Howard is a model, body positivity activist and founder of Squish Beauty. I became inspired by her once I had finished her book Misfit. Reading about her journey and experience, I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude through my artwork. Acrylic on wood | 11.69 x 16.53 inches | March 2020

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Bettie Page

Swimsuit Bettie

“Bettie had a lot of charisma and she enjoyed doing it. She had fun.”— Paula Klaw  Swimsuit Bettie, based on the illustration from artist Mark Westermoe. Bettie Page is one of my biggest muses from my time spent at University, where I based my dissertation on her. Ever since, I have always used her as…

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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid 1 – Love is Pain

Most are familiar with the classic Disney interpretation of The Little Mermaid. Here, Michelle has taken inspiration from Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s 1800s novel. The mermaid with no name, is tormented with oysters, her tongue is cut off and given the choices of marriage or death, portraying a much darker side of the story.…

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