Why host an author, illustrator visit?

School Visits

To generate, excite, inspire and encourage writing. Enhancing Art and English
to make talking about books, words, pictures; fun and interesting. If the author’s
book sits alongside the school curriculum, that’s a bonus!

In a study constructed by the society of authors, found that 99.4% of those that
conducted an author visit, considered the visits an invaluable enrichment that
encourages reading for pleasure, wider reading and creative writing.

michelle hird binx
michelle hird binx

School assemblies,
Creative workshops,

School Visits

Offsite + virtual,
Free prizes

Book Signing

Lunch + after
School custom
signings available

What age group?

Both Binx books are targeted at 2 – 5 year olds, thus the Key Stage 1 ages, years 1 and 2 are ideal. The books include important messages and life lessons; making them relatable for children within the KS2 age bracket and educating them further on their PSHE skills.

I use a variety of resources like PowerPoint presentations to explain my creative process (with loads of visuals); altering my language based on age group. I often end the sessions with time lapse videography of me drawing my characters.

Michelle Hird school tour


Why Print Magazine
To help explain why Prinovis believe so strongly in print I have created this little book which takes a closer look at: the unique benefits, scientific effects, sustainable future, preconceived myths and latest innovations in print.
Honors & Awards
Best Illustration Nomination CMA Awards for KFH Magazine
Binx the Jinx Published by Tiny Tree
Binx is a black cat who loves to play and explore. In fact, he’s the most curious cat around. A happy-go-lucky little guy, he’s always trying to make friends. It’s just a shame that so many people think black cats are bad luck.
Binx Lost in France Published by Tiny Tree
Wandering around the city with glee, he soon realised he’d lost his family. An unexpected adventure — oh, what a mess. Luckily, his senses were up to the test. Thankfully, he’d learned well and knew what to do. And now Binx the black cat wants you to know too!

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