The Hut Group

The Hut Group (also known as “THG”) is a British e-commerce company. It operates over 100 international websites selling Fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) direct to consumer.

In 2017 The Hut Group was valued at more than £2.5bn making it one of the most valuable private companies in the United Kingdom.

The Hut Group was founded in 2004 by Matthew Moulding and John Gallemore. Matthew launched the company with a focus on entertainment products such as Music and Gaming. BRANDING

My first job after University was to brand THG with my illustration. Illustration is used to express brand value, for web and print.

Helping to ensure a high quality of design across the’s platform. I also created the character brand guidelines, as well as devising new creative ideas for how the illustration style can communicate its personality.


THG is one of the UK’s highest-valued private companies. Built on a foundation of industry-leading technology.


THG now operates more than 140 web sites that sell health- and beauty-related products.


The Hut Group’s revenue was reported to be £735.65 m in FY, 2017 which is a 46.7% increase from the previous period.


In 2008, The Hutties were born! My characters were clean and simple, living in a colourful and sunny world, embodying a cohesive mood and style that clarifies the brand’s promise.

The illustration system I put in place, gave the business the ability to unfold its brand story with consistency on multiple platforms (web, print, social, etc).

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