was a UK-based e-commerce website selling; music, entertainment and games. Founded in 2010, they then went on to operate 4 high street stores.

I branded online and offline, creating characters and established the brand identity.

Art Direction, Web Design, Illustration, Branding

Bee Characters

Illustration helps communicate what copy and typography often can’t, at once setting out a mood, tone of voice, target audience and attitude in a succinct visual. I created the Bee characters to give the brand a warm, friendly user experience, firstly online and then print. Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird Michelle Hird High Street

I designed all posters, stickers and all other details for the Bee high street stores. The Bee stores existed in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre, Burnley, Blackpool and Birkenhead. Campaigns

No marketing team existed within, so I had to liaise with the buying team to see what products I needed to push and create campaigns for. I constructed all campaigns within

Bee Cuddly Toy

A prototype, cuddly toy of my Buzz character – that I unfortunately didn’t get to keep! Campaigns

Just some of many campaigns I created for online use and posters for in-store,

Buzzin’ Bargains

A weekly campaign that was sent out via email every Wednesday and used across the website to promote the latest deals. I branded the whole campaign and the typography was used in store on the A0 posters I created for the shop front.